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Carlos Coste World Record Freedive in a Cave

Carlos Coste World record Cave Dive 2010

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This is a showcase of Dan Burton underwater images. The site includes Freediving,Technical diving, wreck diving & diving Expeditions from around the world. The site now includes more than 11000 images, with regular updates.

He has now taken to the sky's & shoots aerial images...

Enjoy the images.

With over 23 years experience as a professional photographer, Dan's career spans a variety of genres and specialties. His professional photographic qualifications and on-going experimental photography work is complemented by his additional skills as a highly proficient and experienced deep-sea technical diver, freediver and Paramotor pilot. This combination of skills has given Dan access to some of the most exciting and unusual photographic shoots ever seen.

His work includes some early pioneering technical wreck dives, such as the recovery of US$50 million work of silver from the El Cazador at a depth of 300ft, and salvaging valuable artifacts from the thousand year old Intan Wreck in Indonesia.
In the mid 90's he was part of the first (NOAA) tri-mix dive expedition to the USS Monitor.
In 1997 he was invited to join an international team to photographer and film the HMHS Britannic - sister ship to the Titanic - resting at 380ft (120m) in the Aegean Sea.
Over the last decade, he has been involved in the sport of freediving, and has worked with the top ranking athletes around the world, and has covered many freediving world records. He has worked with Tanya Streeter, Herbert Nitsch, Sara Campbell, Carlos Coste, Fred Buyle and many more.

His photographs have been published in hundreds of books and magazines worldwide, with featured work in National Geographic, Scientific American, WIRED, BBC Wildlife, GQ, FHM, Mens Health, Titanic Society, Tauchen, AQUA, Illustreret Videnskab, Pour La Science, Geographical Magazine, Mercedes Magazine,L'Equipe Magazine,Geo, Playboy! etc. He has also been involved in a variety of film work, and has worked for the National Geographic Channel,BBC Coast,Save Our Sea Foundation,Discovery Channel, Wreck Detectives 2 and Trans World Sport & many more.

His images and video footage are held in photography libraries around the world, including Nature Pics, Alamy, Buzz Pictures, Wildlife GmbH, Robert Harding & Seapics.com

Filming basking shark with a Sony  F 900

Filming Basking sharks in the UK

GW Sharks

Filming Great white sharks outside of a Cages in Mexico December 2009

In December 2009, Dan spent 10 days working with a group of Sami reindeer herdsman in the Artic Circle.
Conditions were down to -27c, with a windchill factor of -42c!
The was the coldest conditions Dan had flown in,and it was one of his most challenging assignments so far. You can see some of the image from the trip Here.

The extreme cold made it difficult for the engine to start due to the fuel almost freezing! The air was so thin, and there was no wind it made it almost possible for him to take off. The matter didn't help when he had to wear so many layers of clothing.
Dan in in the process of working with a production company to produce a film about the flying reindeer heardsman. Watch this space for more info.


Photo by Fred Buyle

Dan on assignment shooting a 3d film in Deans Blue Hole Bahamas .

Photo By Fred Buyle

Dan in sub-zero conditions in the artic Circle on assignments flying with reindeer!

A short test 3d Film. Please put on your red/cyan glasses on!

Filming in the Baltic Sea at 50m in 2011 Recovery of 30 cannons

Dan builds his own underwater housings, and has designed housing for still cameras including the Nikon D3. Hasselblad Xpan & SWC, and video housing for the Sony Z1, TG3 & A1. His cameras have been used on numerous assignments, and been used to depths of in excess of 200m. In the last year he has build housing from 3d video cameras, and custom designed rigs for John Downer Production for his Polar Bear Ice Program.
Dan is a pioneer in high resolution panoramic and spherical underwater images and digital underwater photography starting back in 2000.

In Spring 2010 Dan build a 360 degree 3d housing. This unit is not teathered to the surface unlike other cameras made, and the operator can freely swim with it anywhere.

d 360 degree rig

Dynamic Drive script

Water is Life  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 12:17 PM BST
Contributed by:

Short film teaser for a 25min film coming out in October 2011. The film is about lake Tanganyika, the second largest lake in the world.

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A Days diving with the Seahorse Trust  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 11 2011 @ 11:47 AM BST
Contributed by:

Short film with the Seahorse Trust filmed at Studland bay in the UK.

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360 degree Video underwater in 3d!  View Printable Version 
Monday, July 26 2010 @ 03:00 PM BST
Contributed by:

You can see my new 3d and 360 degree housing being tested at the Aquarium in Plymouth a few weeks ago.

Click Here to see more info.

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